The Sustainable Thermal Systems Laboratory

   The goal of the research conducted at the Sustainable Thermal Systems Laboratory is to develop practical solutions to the global climate change issue in the form of novel systems and components for improved thermal energy utilization. This research is driven by the core belief that the current defining issue facing humankind, sustainable energy, can be addressed not simply through the eternal quest for new sources of fossil and renewable energy, but also through better stewardship of thermal energy utilization and the organization of end-use applications in "near-lossless" energy cascades. Examples of applications being addressed include residential and commercial space conditioning, automotive propulsion and climate control, chemical process industries, and other energy-intensive applications. Specific research in the lab ranges from the fundamental investigations of phase-change heat and mass transfer and supercritical fluid flow and heat transfer phenomena in single- and multi-component fluids at the micro and mini scales to the development of novel thermally activated absorption and vapor compression heat pumps, natural refrigerant space-conditioning systems, thermal management systems for high density lithium-ion batteries in vehicular applications, waste heat recovery for high flux, low temperature cooling in naval and refrigerated transport applications, miniaturized wearable and portable cooling systems, adsorption based carbon capture and gas cleaning, and waterless power plant condenser cooling. Integrated experimental, analytical, and computational approaches have led to the direct implementation of insights from the fundamental investigations of heat and mass transfer into practical thermal systems and components with lower energy utilization and environmental impact.



The Sustainable Thermal Systems Lab is pleased to welcome Sriram Chandrasekaran and Michael J. Tambasco to the lab.


Allison J. Mahvi has successfully completed her PhD proposal


Taylor S. Kunke has successfully defended his Master's Thesis entitled "Experimental Investigation of Air-Cooled Condensers", and has left for his position at SpaceX. Congrats Taylor!


Dhruv C. Hoysall has accepted a position as a Senior Research Engineer at United Technologies Research Corporation in Hartford, CT.


Anurag Goyal has successfully completed his PhD proposal


Khoudor Keniar has been awarded the ASHRAE Grant in Aid for the 2017-2018 academic year.


The Sustainable Thermal Systems Lab is pleased to welcome Christy Green to the lab.


Subhrajit Chakraborty has successfully defended his Master's Thesis entitled, "Investigation of Air-Cooled Condensers for Waste Heat Driven Absorption Heat Pumps", and will be leaving for his position at Carrier soon. Congrats Subhrajit!


Marcel Staedter has successfully completed his PhD proposal.


Taylor S. Kunke has accepted a job with SpaceX.


STSL alumnus Dr. Alexander S. Rattner has been awarded an NSF CAREER award.


Bachir El Fil has been awarded the 2017 Science and Technology for the Built Environment Best Paper Award for his article "Optimizing Performance of Ceiling Mounted Personalized Ventilation System Assisted by Chair Fans: Assessment of Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality".


STSL alumnus Dr. Brian M. Fronk has been awarded the 2017-2018 ASHRAE New Investigator Award.


Khoudor Keniar will be interning with Google X this semester.


Allison J. Mahvi has been awarded funding from the Center for Serve Learn Sustain (SLS) to integrate concepts about the nexus of food, water and energy systems into the course she will be teaching next semester: Renewable Energy Systems (ME 4823).