The Sustainable Thermal Systems Laboratory

   The research conducted at the Sustainable Thermal Systems Laboratory at Georgia Tech, directed by Dr. Srinivas Garimella, explores the underlying physical phenomena in heat and mass transfer processes at the microscales and exploits this understanding to design innovative, high-heat-flux components and systems ranging in capacity from a few Watts to 100s of Megawatts. Among the prominent applications being served by this research are waste heat recovery, space-conditioning, water heating and refrigeration, automotive thermal systems, carbon sequestration and chemical processing, with the overarching goal of achieving sustainable energy utilization and reduced carbon footprints. The STSL has a comprehensive suite of research facilities for phase-change and single-phase fluid flow and heat transfer experiments in single- and multi-component fluids, dry and moist-air heat transfer, and investigation of thermal systems under controlled ambient conditions.



Khoudor Keniar will be interning with Google X this semester.


Allison Mahvi has been awarded funding from the Center for Serve Learn Sustain (SLS) to integrate concepts about the nexus of food, water and energy systems into the course she will be teaching next semester: Renewable Energy Systems (ME 4823).


Victor Aiello has accepted a position as an Applications Engineer at Modine Manufacturing in Racine, WI.


STSL alumna Dr. Adrienne B. Little has started her position as an Engineer at Google [X].


STSL is pleased to welcome Anurag Goyal back after his summer internship in the Electronics Cooling Laboratory at GE Global Research.


STSL is pleased to welcome Subhrajit Chakraborty back after his summer internship in the Wireline and Perforating group at Haliburton Energy Services.


Allison Mahvi has been awarded the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Graduate Teaching Fellowship.


Jennifer Lin successfully defended her Master's Thesis entitled, "Air-Cooled Condensers for Thermoelectric Power Generation", and will be leaving for her position at Shell in the coming weeks. Congrats Jennifer!


Alex Huning successfully defended his PhD Dissertation entitled, "A Novel Core Analysis Method for Prismatic High Temperature Gas Reactors", and will be leaving for his position at X-Energy in the coming weeks. Congrats Alex!


A paper by Marcel Staedter, Khoudor Keniar, and Dr. Garimella was awarded the Best Student Paper at the International Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conference.


Alex Huning has accepted a position as a Safety and Risk Analyst at X-Energy in Washington, D.C.


Subhrajit Chakraborty was awarded the 2nd Best Poster and Demo at the Energy Expo at Georgia Tech


Dhruv Hoysall, Khoudor Keniar, and Dr. Garimella were awarded the 3rd Best Paper at the Micro/Nanoscale Heat and Mass Transfer Conference.